Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to Band-e-Mataram : An Inter College Rock Band Competition to be organised by IRMA on 16th January, 2010. Event Sponsor - IFMR

The hallucinogenic wave of Adrenaline has taken off!! Let it rush through your veins in a battlefield waiting to be littered with sore strumming hands and saliva lickered microphones. Band-e-Mataram is your divine liberty to rock and shatter the stage. The fallacies, the rebellion and the assassin in you are all set to be roped into the soaked strings of the killer guitar.

It’s your chance to hallucinate the crowd with imaginative lyrics and instrumental virtuosity. Take the leeway to redefine the darker lanes of life into a masterpiece of rock that is psychedelic and enervating.

Make the crowd believe - Rock is where the soul rests!!!

The First Prize is Rs 40000 in cash!!!

The five bands selected for the final round are:
Area 231 - Chandigarh
Harmonic Friction - Chandigarh
RAID - Anand
The Undergods - Baroda
Joshish - Bhopal/Pune

Rules For the Inter College Rock Band Competition are:
1. Participating teams should be student rock bands, i.e. band members should be students of graduate or post graduate institutes
2. There is no registration fee
3. Each band can have a maximum of six members
4. Participants are required to carry their college i-cards if invited for the final round
5. Use of obscene lyrics or gestures is not allowed
6. Multiple entries from the same institute are allowed
7. All Contestants must be AMATEURS[1]
8. Rules subject to modification at the sole discretion of Udaan committee.
9. Event will be divided into two stages:
a. Audition round:
i. Each band has to email a minimum of 1 recording to udaan.band@gmail.com (in either .mp3 or .wav or youtube format). The song should be either 1 original composition / 1 English Cover / 1 popular genre (hindi pop/bollywood) rock song
ii. Bands have to send an e-copy of their college bona-fides and contact number of college administration.
iii. The entries should reach latest by 20th December 2009 (we will inform the selected bands by last week of December 2009)

b. Final round:
i. Six bands would be shortlisted for the final round to be held at IRMA on 16th January 2010.
ii. The order of performance will be determined by random selection process
iii. Bands have to bring their own equipment apart from drums, which would be arranged by the event managers.
iv. Each band would be given 25 mins to perform and 3 mins for initial sound check. Bands exceeding the time limit would be penalized.
v. The final round would require 3 performances from each band (1 original, 1 popular genre and 1 rock song). Any more songs that the band can fit into the time limit would be allowed.
vi. Lyrics for the all the three songs should be submitted on the day of arrival at IRMA.
vii. Judging of the event will be based on the usual band competition criteria - the tightness of the band, the selection of material, the individual skills of instrumentalists, and the overall effect including audience appeal and appreciation
viii. Travel expenses (sleeper class fare) for the selected bands would be reimbursed on receipt of original ticket
ix. Decision of judges would be final and binding on all participants
For further queries regarding the competition, email at udaan.band@gmail.com

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[1] AMATEURS being defined as artists or performers who are currently not under any binding performance or managerial contracts as well as any recording contract or other entertainment-based legal agreements.

Contact @ IRMA: Ashish - 972-686-7337 / Sudhir - 971-427-5801